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The answer to your aquarium woes.'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
The answer to your aquarium woes.

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Dilemma [19 Aug 2011|08:36am]

I setup a 10 gallon aquarium per instuctions from the Petsmart employee. I also checked online and watched some videos to be sure I was given proper instruction. It all seemed to be good except for the adding fish part...no one had the same answer. So, after four days I put in 2 guppies, by the end of the next day the male was dead. Now I've been very diligent about checking the water and the water is fine. So I had a chance to buy three more guppies so I did. I had four...now I have 2. All I see is their gills look a little more then pink but not red...any ideas??? Petsmart is not an option. And do you the community think I should spend more and buy from a Fish and Aquarium store and pay more?

Hope someone reads this.
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Can this be used as a dip subsitute? [19 Sep 2008|09:49pm]


i have a pagoda coral with slowly dying tissue, i have another pagoda which is still 100% fine and no other corals have any issues.
so i assume that the tissue issue is an isoltaed problem caused by detritus settlement that killed off some tissue and the bacteria is continuing to eat the flesh.

i could not find any reef or iodine dip locally

but i found this

so can i use this as a dip?

if so how much do i add to a bucket of how much water?
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[12 Nov 2006|12:24am]

Soooo I've noticed my clownfish have been acting very odd lately. They stay down towards the bottom of the tank in this one corner most of the time, and when i put my hand in, the female darts into this little cave like thing that the rock makes, and the male hovers above waiting to attack me should i come any nearer. however, i have read that it is normally the male that sticks to the site, and the female that chases away predators. i may be getting confused though, since the 2 clowns are very close in size. it's hard to get a good look at the rock in question, but i did notice the one that stays down there has been picking at it as if cleaning it. i would like to get them an anemone, but until i get new lights, it's out of the question. also, when i had one before, they showed no interest whatsoever in it.
does anyone have any experience in breeding occ. clownfish? i've bred cichlids and of course livebearers before, but this will be my first saltwater breeding experience. one of the clowns is noticably rounder, but they both just seem really skittish. they are about 2" each. i've had them for coming up on 2 years in Feb. and they were about 3/4" when i got them (sooo cute!). the only other fish in the tank is a pearly jawfish (who is eating flake food AND being hand fed!) thanks for any help!
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[03 Nov 2006|12:53am]

OK!!! refugium is officially setup and partly stocked. i've got 8lbs of live sand. when i poured it in, pods and little tiny starfish went everywhere. and 1 bristle worm >:l
anyway, i also got a few little chunks of LR, and a big piece for my main display. it was all covered in coraline, so i couldn't resist. i also picked up a peppermint shrimp. apparently my other two died, seeing as my aptasia are making a comeback.

now. i need your opinion on some lighting. please please please give me your opinion!!!
this: http://www.thatpetplace.com/Products/KW/F38AA/Class/Aquarium+Lighting+Power+Compact+Fixtures/T1/F38AA+0047+0795/EDP/34084/Itemdy00.aspx
this: http://www.thatpetplace.com/MainPro/Itemdy00.aspx
or this: http://www.thatpetplace.com/Products/KW/F38AA/Class/Aquarium+Lighting+Power+Compact+Fixtures/T1/F38AA+0434+0003/EDP/42624/Itemdy00.aspx

i don't see the difference really (except price) and i'm leaning towards the third one, because it has 120W and is 30", which is the length of m tank. the other two are 36", but come with the little feet. but still, that's a lot of hang off on each side :(
i'm thinking early christmas present. (crosses fingers)

also! i picked up an application for the lfs that is really good with the saltwater stuff.
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[31 Oct 2006|09:35pm]

apologies from the mod. for not keeping up with this community. i really should, but it's kinda hard to get your name out there, you know?
anyway, just as an update/sortof questions:

i recently (tonight) hooked up my new refugium onto my reef tank. it's a DIY 'fuge made out of a 10g tank. it took me FOREVER to get the "overflow" going because i really have a weir. and i had no idea what that little airline tube was for, and when i finally DID get it working, when i'd let my finger off, a giant air bubble would come in, then i figured out that you had to put the other end in water. i'm an idiot. not to mention 1) my tummy is a little upset from swollowing some saltwater and 2) i have saltwater/spit all over my WORK shirt (that i have to wear tomorrow) from trying to not swollow any more saltwater. am i spelling swollow right? it just looks wrong...
anyway. now for the questions

does anyone know about T-5 lighting systems for reefs? i would really like metal halide, but simply cannot afford it, so i heard that T-5's are the next best.
i need another/some more fish for my 29 (+10g!) reef tank. currently i have an annoying pair of occ. clowns and an incredible jawfish. needless to say my tank's looking kind of barren. i've already kept gramma's, firefish, and yellow clown gobies. i'd like to try a cherub/pygmy dwarf angelfish. anyone have any experience?
for the refugium...is it okay if the pump isn't in it's own little compartment? initially it was going to be, but then we didn't cut the compartment wall low enough (as i found out) and so the pump drains out all the water before more can be dragged in. i haven't added any rock or sand yet, but will it suck up all of my 'pods? and also, is a 10g live sand loaded 'fuge enough to sustian a mandrian?

thanks! and i'll try to be more on top of things in this community.

and for everyone out there who is watching/a friend of this community. i want to know what's in your tanks. and also, i'm announcing that this community officially loves pictures. so post them. please. :)
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New + saltwater [01 Aug 2006|12:51pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hello fellow fish lovers,

I have questions about saltwater tanks (and I though this topic would make for some good discussion since there isn't much going on in the community yet? :O).

They take quite a lot of effort to keep, due to the maintainance of a good salt level, yes? I have heard that bascially, the smaller the tank, the more frequent the salt checks have to be. I could see how that would work, I suppose, it seems that for all types of tanks, the smaller it is the more difficult it is to maintain water quality.

->So, approximately how many times a day would, for instance, blue_celery have to check her salt level in the 24 gallon tank?
->What a bout a 50 gallon?
->A 100?
->How much difference would having a 50 tall compaired to a 50 wide make?
->Are there things you can do to your salt water tank to make the salt levels more stable?
->Am I missing something here? Does the addition of aquarium salt make the pH difficult to maintain as well and the like?

Well, have fun with those questions. :) I'm really just currious as to your opinions (or facts) on the matter so if you rather me look up the answers and post them, that's okay~!

Back g r o u n dCollapse )

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[11 Mar 2006|02:12pm]

Hello everyone! Welcome to fish_dish. This is a new community all about setting up, buying, and maintaining aquariums, fish, live plants, and corals! You do not have to be a member of this community to update, so feel free to ask anything aquarium-related on this journal. Enjoy, and I hope the users and I can be of help to your aquarium questions!

55 gallon freshwater central/south american
1 black ghost knife fish
2 cory cats
2 clown loaches
1 german blue ram
2 firemouth cichlids
2 breeding angelfish
3 otos
lots of live plants

24 gallon saltwater
1 firefish
2 perc. clown fish
1 royal gramma
2 turbo snails
1 skunk cleaner shrimp
about 25 lbs of live rock
about 20 lbs of live sand
moon polyps
some kind of plant
star polyps
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